Switchwords are one-word affirmations. This is the fastest, effective Healing and Remedial Modality. The sole purpose is to heal Self and others. Switchwords help us to create a perfect life. These are powerful single, pair of words and phrases that are used to connect directly to the subconscious mind. The more you repeat a Switchword, the more it affects the energy to create an instant reality. There are different categories of Switchwords which can be applied in our daily lives.What are Switchwords? Switchwords are powerful poignant words used to connect directly to the subconscious mind, giving it direction for drawing the essence of the Switchword to you. The more a Switchword is repeated, the more it affects your energy. The more it affects your energy, the more you draw the experience, condition or response the Switchword represents to you.How do I use Switchwords? One great way to work with Switchwords is to: 1. Get to a positive emotional state. Smile, dance, sing, listen to upbeat music… Doing something that helps you feel good before saying Switchwords may help them work better and faster for you. 2. Set your intention for what it is that you want. “I want to be calm and comfortable and have a successful meeting with my boss.” 3. Flip the Switch.(Say, think, sing, chant, write or even intend the Switchword[s]) For the above intention, perhaps use The Switchphrase: EASE-ADJUST-TAP-PERFECT-PERSONAL-ACT. 4. Spend the next 20 to 30 minutes doing something that helps keep you in a positive emotional state. (This helps speed manifestation.) You can write Switchwords on your water vessels. Use your finger or a marker, either will work fine: You can also put the energy of Switchwords into the water by putting them inside an Energy Circle and then setting the water on it for a minimum of 15 seconds (longer is fine). As long as part of the water vessel is inside the Energy Circle, the water will be charged. How do Switchwords work? he subconscious mind records and files away everything going on around you on every level, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for future reference. As it observes similar experiences, conditions or responses associated with a word or action over and over again, the subconscious mind begins to anticipate and even look for (attract) these experiences, conditions or responses. These actions or words become Switchwords – switches for bringing about the specific experiences, conditions or responses associated with the words or actions. Switchwords bypass the conscious mind and activate switches in the subconscious mind. For example, your subconscious mind recognizes that almost every encounter with money involves counting. Thus COUNT is the Switchword for attracting money. The subconscious mind hears COUNT and it looks for ways to find money to COUNT. In The Secret of Perfect Living, James T. Mangan introduced us to Switchwords. As part of his research he studied, learned, compiled and documented many Switchwords. Switchwords do not work with the conscious mind. Switchwords work with the subconscious mind and its interpretations. There are Switchwords that are Switchwords for individual people.There are Switchwords that are Switchwords for most people (more than 50%). There are Switchwords that are Switchwords for virtually all people. WINDOW may be a Personal Switchword for some.GUIDE is an Open Switchword for most people HOLE is a Universal Switchword for all. Do not try to put your conscious analytical mind into the reasoning for the Switchwords. Leave it to the subconscious mind. Switchwords are very specific and flip specific switches. Substituting what you see as a good alternative may sabotage your intent. Switchwords can be used to put you into action to create what you desire (TINY will throw a switch which if you just relax and let it will prompt you to do a very polite and kind act for someone), begin attracting to you the things you want (such as love, money), help you to stop or change things that are causing you distress (such as aggression – CONFESS; anger – CLEAR; arguments – CONCEDE), and a multitude of other applications. HOLE is to be attractive, appealing. To the conscious mind that is not what HOLE is about but when you analyze it, as the subconscious mind does, you do see that a HOLE always attracts the eye. A HOLE is the first thing you see when you look at anything with a HOLE in it. A black HOLE is the ultimate in attraction. For the attraction of a black HOLE is so strong of an attractor that even light cannot escape it. This is why HOLE is the Switchword for attraction. GIVE may be a bit more obvious as a Switchword to sell. Whenever a sale is made, you always see each side of the transaction is giving something to the other side. Even in the conscious mind it makes quick and easy sense.What does your conscious mind see with CRISP? Perhaps potato chips, perhaps fresh carrots. Perhaps it looks at the early morning and the CRISPness in the air. But then, what does the subconscious mind see? What happens when one is fatigued? One is “softer,” feels kind of “spongy,” definitely not CRISP. Can you be soft and spongy if you are CRISP? A rubbery soft carrot is definitely not CRISP. Now look at a potato chip. Definitely very CRISP. What happened to make that potato chip so CRISP? Now a potato alone might be somewhat CRISP, but it does not even compare to a potato chip. So what happened? It was made CRISP by “enhancing” it, changing it.The Switchword CRISP is to dispel fatigue; feel refreshed; revitalize; enhance; rejuvenate; brighten. Each CRISP Switchword definition comes from a subconscious experience with the word CRISP, which is why it throws those switches to do those things. Each Switchword has a different thing represents and a different way that it works. Using reflex muscle testing to find Switchphrases: 1. Test for access (yes/no) 2. Test which letter for start of first Switchword 3. Test Switchwords starting with that letter4. Once you find the first Switchword, verify it is correct 5. Ask if more Switchwords for Switchphrase6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until Switchphrase is complete7. Confirm that Switchphrase is correct and complete for the current situationIn muscle testing for Switchphrases I generally set my intent for weakness to mean the Switchword is needed.I believe muscle testing is a wonderful way to increase the efficacy of any and all healing and emotional balancing techniques.

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