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Consultancy services for Kundali Milan by expert from India
Horoscope | Janm Patrika | Kundli
To know about married future and to know about own powers and the auspicious time of our life kundali milan is must. We provide you with detail analysis of your horoscope. We provide the following services related to kundali milan :
Calculation of Mangal Dosha and remedies.
Calculations on the basis of specific question.
Calculation of Fortunate and Unfortunate Period of Life.
Matrimonial Match.

Muhurth for special purposes and day to day activities.


We are renowned astrologer in India helping people to solve all types of problems. Our holistic and astrological solutions are bringing happiness and prosperity back in many lives. With problems life becomes difficult and frustrated.

We are experienced and expert Astrologers of your choice from the comfort of your home. Whatever be your problem, our expert Astrologers will give you the best solution based on your birth chart (janam kundli). Get an overview of your Planetary Placements, ongoing Dasha Sequence and Transit Effects. Our knowledgeable Astrologers are accessible round the clock, to provide you authentic prediction and remedies. Our Vedic astrologers are well qualified and prestigious.

Enter your details and book your astrologer for a fixed consulting duration. It’s just this simple, no travelling to distance, no waiting for consultations; just pick one best astrologer from our platform and solve your queries. 

We come across various ups and downs in our life and astrology seems like a perfect study to provide sturdy solutions. Whether your planetary positions are astray or continuous delays in important events are making you tired, Jyotish Shastra proves to provide astute solutions to your problems. Finding reliable Jyotish or astrologer to talk to when you come face to face with such problems is very imperative. Talk to an astrologer at StarsTell and find a reliable solution to your problems.

Panchanga PredictionsVedic astrology divides the circle of 12 zodiacs into 27 stars or constellations. This along with nithya yoga or birth yoga is used to create your Panchanga predictions. it reveal your basic personality features, traits and temperament, and then provides subsequent predictions

Favourable PeriodsThe reoprt studies your dasas and apaharas, the houses and the planetary positions to generate favourable for your marriage, career, business and house construction

Bhava PredictionsIn this report you can identify your 12 houses/bhavas and under-stand the life factors they control (factors like your personality, relationships, wealth, career, education and marriage).

Remedies and RecommendationsOur report can help you overcome the challenges and obstacles in life. The report checks for Kuja dosha, Rahu dosha and Ketu dosha. Moreover, your birth star inflicts some peculiar characteristics in you that can cause difficulties in life; this report gives you birth star based remedies as well.


Our expertise as a Love Relationship advisor:

We see many good people victimized by the complex love problems. Sometimes lovers face objections from families and society. Many happy lives are destroyed by issues like suspicions and difference of opinions. Indian astrology is an ancient science that studies positions of starts in one‛s horoscope. It has numerous innocent remedies like puja, mantra, and Jaap to bring long-term resolutions to love and marriage-related issues.

Thousands of young couples and lovers bring their intricate troubles to us. Astrology has very compatible solutions to give you your desired love. Through innocent remedies, you can make your girlfriend or boyfriend love you. Dried up relations can be revived back to healthy loving relations. If you are deeply in love but cannot marry, astrology can help you get the consent of your parents. Inter-cast love marriage, extra-marital affairs, one-sided love, and many other problems can be solved through astrological remedies.

If you are do not see any hope of getting your love back in your life, the best love guru in India can help you. The love guru is a scholarly astrologer with deep insight and knowledge of astrological solutions for love issues. Bring love and passion back in your frigid life with extremely affordable consultation and recommendations. The suggestions and remedies offered by the famous love astrologer are quite simple and easy to follow.
We are a love astrologer in India helping people to solve all types of love problems. Our holistic and astrological solutions are bringing happiness and romance back in many lives. With problems in relations, life becomes difficult and frustrated.

Our love problem specialist astrologer has accurate remedies to solve various difficult issues in relations. Being a highly knowledgeable astrologer and predictor, he has a quick hand in solving love problems of any nature.
We gibe the best solutions for all the love problems
⦁ Get lost love back
⦁ breakups
⦁ One-sided love affair
⦁ Extra-marital love affairs
⦁ Frigid relations
⦁ Inter-caste love marriage
⦁ Differences in relations
⦁ Love disputes
⦁ Problems in love marriage
⦁ Love vashikaran
⦁ Revive estranged love relations
⦁ Husband-wife problems
Best positive astrological methods are used to bring happiness in your love life. Our love advisors provide consultation and solutions in different ways. People get online help as well can meet in-person to seek help.

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